A silly little game I created to try out web development. Write your own lunar lander autopilot and see if you can land on the moon!

I recently switched my server to zfs on root (still haven’t decided if it was really worth it but that’s another post). I quickly found that the Docker zfs storage driver seems to suck a lot.


This is the EggBot, my final project for ECEN 5613 - Embedded System Design at the University of Colorado, Boulder. It’s a massively overkill robot for cooking the perfect soft boiled egg (and also making tea).

The laser is finally cutting! I got all the last details together, aligned the mirrors, and got Machinekit properly configured.

The Smoothie is dead, long live the… whatever comes next. Some crappy wire fried my control board so now I’ve got to get a new solution.

The laser has basically sat in my tiny apartment for the last three years in Los Angeles. Now that I’ve left my job for graduate school, I finally have the time and space to work on the laser again. The laser is nearing completion and a few big things have changed since the last time I worked on it.