Dominic Doty

Laser - Door Interlock

More Laser 14 Apr 2015

Magnetic door interlock switch! this stops the laser from burning your eyeballs out when you open the door. It’s also a required piece of equipment for a class 4 laser. This is an update on my laser. Class 4 lasers are according to Wikipedia the “most dangerous class of laser… cause devastating and permanent eye damage”. Class 4 lasers are supposed to have a full enclosure, a key interlock, and a door interlock. I omitted the key interlock, simply because the laser will be in my house, and therefore pretty easy to control access to.


This is my magnetic door interlock I whipped up. Commercial ones don’t cost much, but I had a small glass reed switch laying around so I printed a small enclosure for it, and a magnet. I printed a magnet mount with a magnet embedded in it which was a new step for me.

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