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My name is Dominic Doty, I’m interested in a variety of things like embedded systems programming and hardware design, digital circuits, robotics, automation, wireless technologies, product design, 3D printing, cars, model gliders, and hydraulics to name a few.


I got my Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo with a concentration in Mechatronics.

After, I worked as a manufacturing engineer at SpaceX for just a few days short of 3 years. I was responsible for the manufacture of the Dragon 1 metallic structure, and then later the manufacture of the Dragon 2 metallic structure. I learned a lot about machining, welding, drilling, precision assembly, and many other things.

Eventually I decided I’d like to pursue a career in robotics and embedded systems, which is how I ended up at the University of Colorado Boulder studying for a Master’s in Embedded Systems Engineering. Depending on when I last updated this, I may still be at CU, or finished and moving on to something else.


Feel free to reach out about any of my projects:

Technical Details

I wrote this website mostly from scratch, with general cues taken from other Jekyll sites and HTML5 Boilerplate. The site is statically generated by Jekyll.

All my HTML and CSS knowledge comes from W3Schools. You like this layout? Go ahead and fork it on github.

Monetized by Viglink means that if I post a link to a product and you go buy it, I may get a small comission at no cost to you. I basically get nothing out of it at this point but it was free to setup so why the heck not. Click on the icon at the bottom for more info.