Dominic Doty

Project - N64controller

N64 BT Update 13 Mar 2014

Ah, the N64 controller. An exercise in learning. I’ll be straight with you, I didn’t do this right. I started this project at a time when I didn’t know all that much about what I was doing. But I think it was the best possible way for me to jump in and learn a lot all at once. But as a learning experience, it was full of errors. Lets go down the list.

N64 Bluetooth Controller 06 Feb 2014

A while back (almost 2 years actually) I decided that I’d like to play emulated N64 games on my computer. Of course this wouldn’t be possible without a real N64 controller, as I refuse to use either a keyboard or a PS3 controller - the easy way out. I decided I had to make a controller to use with my computer.

Toner Transfer Laminator 24 Apr 2013

On the quest to make my own circuit boards by the toner transfer method, I immediately realized that the standard iron would not cut it. So I purchased this laminator on craigslist for $20 to modify.