Dominic Doty

Project - Random

Machinist's Hammer 21 Mar 2015

Inspired by the Paulding Hammer my friend Michael and I decided it would be a fun project to make our own machinist’s hammers. Here I’ll cover the design and manufacturing plan.

Rear Projection TV Teardown 18 Mar 2015

Someone across the street from my apartment left out this perfectly awesome rear projection TV with a “bad bulb”. After it sat there for about a week, I decided to haul it over to my place and take it apart. Old products are a goldmine of random interesting parts, and a great opportunity to take a look at design and manufacturing.

Audi Spacer & 3D Printing 07 May 2014

This is a pretty cool example of how 3D printing is helpful in my day to day projects. It’s always useful to be able to produce a huge variety of geometries accurately and quickly with little to no effort on my part. I redesigned this spacer slightly to accommodate a different model of Audi than it was intended for, printed it to check dimensions, and then made it in metal.