Dominic Doty

Project - Laser

Laser Cutter Cutting 27 Aug 2018

The laser is finally cutting! I got all the last details together, aligned the mirrors, and got Machinekit properly configured.

New Motion Control 11 Aug 2018

The Smoothie is dead, long live the… whatever comes next. Some crappy wire fried my control board so now I’ve got to get a new solution.

Laser Cutter Update 10 Aug 2018

The laser has basically sat in my tiny apartment for the last three years in Los Angeles. Now that I’ve left my job for graduate school, I finally have the time and space to work on the laser again. The laser is nearing completion and a few big things have changed since the last time I worked on it.

Laser - Motion Control! 18 Apr 2015

Holy smokes! Working motion control on my laser with the Smoothieboard! Click through, there is a video.

Laser - Door Interlock 14 Apr 2015

Magnetic door interlock switch! this stops the laser from burning your eyeballs out when you open the door. It’s also a required piece of equipment for a class 4 laser. This is an update on my laser.

Laser - Update 20 Mar 2015

Finals are over and I had some time to work on the laser. The belts were installed and some holes cut and some things decided.

Laser - 90W CO2 Laser Cutter 28 Jun 2014

My biggest and craziest project so far! A 90 watt CO2 laser cutter with a 2 by 4 ft work area driven by a smoothieboard and steppers.